Chassis Dyno's in the Guilford , CT Area


1986 Grand National
May 28, 2001
Merry Christmas,

Does anyone know where the nearest chassis dyno is in the Guilford (New Haven County) CT.? I Know Eric Rankin has one, but he is in Manchester.

I would like to find a place near by that I can check WOT Shift RPM, HP, shift points, Tweak the Alky, etc.

Before I drive it 2.5 hours to the nearest Drag strip to find something is not right. Plus it will be a closer walk to home if I break something.
Erik is not there anymore but a new shop is in its place with the dyno.
Total induction Tuning Specialists
Its your best bet
Jannetty Racing in Waterbury.203-753-7223 Ted is the owner, Tell him AJ sent you. He is one of my accounts. He is familiar with our cars.
Otto Man,

Where is this place ?

Here's the phone# for Total Induction Tuning in South Windsor. 860-282-8487
They will tune your car for maximum HP!! It's run by Tony Gomes who i'm sure you heard of. It's by far your best bet IMO. Hope this helps!!

Ken B.