Check out the paint on this one......


Ah yes, I think I did see that color once when looking at my aquarium.

Or was it after a night of binge drinking? I can't remember.
I want a smooth shifting trans in my car. How about you guys? Smooth as it slides into gear, not a tire chirper. Everything about the car was smooth in his write up. Tommy sounds a little smooth.
Originally Posted by hybrid85
it's the same kolor as the kool aid i'm drinkin

Yea,The Ice Blue Rasberry Lemonade!

I think that is a House of Kolor paint!! :biggrin:
NOT Aquamarine!

My T is Aquamarine,that color is baby blue and FUGLY!


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Car was on Ebay before ... guess no one scooped it up the first time . Don't let it get by ya again !! :eek: