Chicagoland April Meeting - Saturday, April 14 - Chassis Dynos at Sound Performance

Any videos of Paul's car? I missed it. He is a really cool guy with a ton of time and thought into his car and it shows! Thanks Reid for the pics! Sound Performance deserves a standing ovation for the Dyno Day. They treated the cars like their own, made sure you were comfortable with the pull limits and was off the throttle before you could get a word out if you thought something was wrong. Can ask for more than that. The spectators were polite and looked liked they enjoyed themselves. Larry and his crew really live up the the reputation they have.

I was a bit withdrawn due to a rocker coming out of adjustment on the Joe.P car even though it made 412 at 21psi. I couldn't relax or think straight until it was straightened out later that evening. It's doing well now andI had it out yesterday up between 26-27 psi on 93 and alky, no issues. I hope to see twice as many cars there next time if they allow for another event. No one should fear a 4-5 second dyno pull if you aren't scared of a 1/4 mile run.

Thanks to all the Chapter members and TurboCliff also who probably had to work and missed all the action. Amy said to show up next time so you two can have an E85 battle!


"Big Pauile" Dubois - "Blackie" - 672 HP - King of the Hill.. Congrats Buddy.. time to do a little Chevy hunting... Ed

Yes congrats Paulie...... there aren't too many people that is as deserving as Paul. He works hard and very meticulous with everything he does. It's a major accomplishment and his craftsmanship is 2nd to none.
Here's the results. Feel free to make any corrections - I'm still missing some info. Sorry, I don't have their setups. Besides - aren't those supposed to be top secret?? :D

So the results are (drum roll please)
Turbojitsu - '87 GN - 231 HP
Kyle Hoover - 70 Skylark - 321 HP
Jon Buonomo - '87 GN - 346 HP
Michael Vujica - 2011 Shelby GT 500 - 503 HP
Jeff Froberg - '71 Skylark - 461 HP
Steve Kelly - his truck - 380 HP
John Dallianis - 70 GS - 364 HP
Amy G. - 85 GN w/87 drive train - 556 HP - Queen of the Hill
Paul Dubois - "Blackie" - 672 HP - King of the Hill
Eric S. - '87 GN - 360 HP
Joe P. - '87 GN - 272 HP
Strong - '86 GN - 272 HP
Brian - 2009 Toyota Yaris - 197 HP
Tomi - BMW M5 - 414 HP

I'll have to go look up Eric and Joe P's off the big sheet - I know they didn't get the same. It will be fixed later!

And if you guys want to set another one up, feel free. Our club probably won't do it again until fall or next spring.
I was looking forward to attending this event and seeing what my T would put down. Still working out some issues though. I'll be here next year. Great vids!