Dyno Run May 2011 - @ Sound Performance

If I don't brake something this week end I will show up after the car show at Pauls dads dealership.

It's still running. So I should be there. Hopefully I have my intercooler hoses won't blow off. Like at the track today. But will be there after the car show.;)

I guess I have no choice but to show up..I would be nice to finally meet some local guys.. plus getting a little info can't hurt. Still a buick newbie. And having friends with mustangs and camaros, they just look and scratch their heads.
Can I get the 11:30 spot?
Mike Cambio (Hybrid71)

71 Vette with 4.1
85 Elky with GN drivetrain

See you there!

Please post to sign up. It would be helpful if Shari or I have your cell phone number in case things change in the course of the day.
10:00 AM Loyd Bonecutter - 86 Regal
10:30 AM William "sniperdfa1" - 87 GN
11:00 AM Gary Pote - '68 GS 400
11:30 AM Mike Cambio w/something cool
12:00 PM Kyle Hoover - 1971 Buick Skylark 455
12:30 PM - Lunch break and Meeting
01:00 PM
01:30 PM
02:00 PM
02:30 PM Rick Lutz - 87 Turbo Regal
03:00 PM Scott Nelson - '89 Turbo Trans Am
03:30 PM sykegn 87 turbo Regal
04:00 PM Cliff Bryan - whatever he brings
04:30 PM Steve Pitts
05:00 PM only if needed
05:30 PM "
06:00 PM "
06:30 PM "

Drive-in's are welcome, too.
I've seen those cars before!

Under one roof......

We make sure that there are NO power tools near these beautiful cars at all times while the owner is around!! For some reason he does have a weakness when it comes to cutting/chopping tools and Buicks!!!

Well I am hoping to still make it, just the Buick will not. Of course when I decided to redo all the vacuum lines, nothing goes my way and I end up breaking a barb off the block. New block ordered from Cottons and hopefully it will make it a lot easier to keep those damn things on without leaking.