CHRISTMAS Sale good till Dec 31

Mike you just might get me finished with my Limited.
Pistons and girle was what i was looking for. Now who do I short for
I'm trying to build my pure street car with an 1/8th mile race type approach. I am focused on the next four items that you have on sale right now.
Injectors; 6olb
gen II with maf (my stocker has 63K miles)
or power logger if this accomplishes the same purposes??
chip to match (I have older smc alky)
turbo: here's where I need guidance. I want the fastest spool w/biggest power potential for lower end of the spectrum. The BB ones sound appealing to me but may not be necessary? I don't plan to go over 100 mph in this car.. just get there as quick as possible!!
I like my Bstc and want any changes to work with it also.

What do you suggest and how much for the package?
Thank you.

PS. Future plans will be to port my stock heads, better downpipe, and either a 4.1 block or stroker kit for more low end power.
Mike & Marianne,

I got the turbo on Friday.

Thanks for the quick service and the sale.

It's so darn pretty I hate to put it on the car!

No specials on the HR bar at this time. They may have some shipping deal going check with them directly they are great people and make a great product. Thanks for all the nice words and the tremendous response to this sale.
On PTE's turbo flow chart , where does the GTB6776 fit ?

Anyone have a picture of the water lines installed. I dont have heater lines , so would probably have to tap into coolant on the intake.
It would be the same as the PT67 flow wise. You could hook it up where the heater lines used to go
Thanks to Mike and Marianne

I recently ordered the MAFT Gen 2 Translator along with a few other Christmas gifts for myself, and as usual they were at my doorstep within 2 days. I've dealt with Mike several times since acquiring my GN, and he always gives me great advice and points me in the correct direction. They're customer service and shipping is second to none. For anyone thinking of doing business with Full Throttle, just do it , you will not regret doing so.


Give Mike a call, Full Throttle carries those also. I got one with my order, along with a 3"-3" and a 2.5"-2.5" intercooler hoses. Sure makes everything under the hood look great when it's all the same color, kinda stealthy when nothing stands out and looks aftermarket.

3 more days and teses deals are done. I do expect some price increases after the first on some items.
We are out for the holiday!

We are out of the office. You can buy online if you don't see the sale price don't worry we wioll correct it Tuesday. You can send a PM to me here or send an email to Marianne @ to pace an order before Sunday and we will honor these deals. Sales is over Sunday
thanks for the tremendous response and everyone have a Happy New Year
Mike & Marianne Licht