CHRISTMAS Sale good till Dec 31

Mike Licht

I was here first
May 23, 2001
We have not had a really big sale in a while so I thought we may have an end of the year sepcial.
Turbos :
TE44, GT6131E, or GT6152E $675 Shipped
PT67GTQ through PT76GTQ (includes PT70GTQ) $1074.99 Shipped
PT70GTS through PT76GTS $1174.99 Shipped
Dual Ball Bearing:
GTB6131 or GTB6176 $1079.99 Shipped GTB6776 $1159.99 Shipped
Your choice of turbine housings
Actuator add $60 stock or high boost

Stroker Kit:
Cat 3.625 crank forged crank, K1 6"rods, Diamond forged pistons with pins and rings. $1474.99 this includes a FREE Cat block girdle kit a $200 value. We also have BHJ balancers and JW flexplates - call

Scanmaster 2.1 $219.99

Original Buick Translator and new GM LS1 3.5" MAF sensor $249.99
Gen 2 Translator, Buick adaptor, and new GM 3.5" LS1 MAF sensor $319.99
Translator Pro $379.99

CHIPS:Commander, Extender, Extreme, Pro or Gen 2 $79.99 with purchase of Translator or Injectors

Walbro Fuel pump with plug and play hot wire kit $129.99 NO BIGGER WALBRO PUMP AVAILABLE ANYWHERE

60LB (or 65 depending on who it is) HIGH-Z injectors $299.94 matched set of 6
72LB Siemens matched set of 6 $329.94

Revolution X Roller cam kits - Proven Proformers - 206/210, 210/215, or 215/220 $769.99

ALL UMI products 10% off

Innovate Wide Band Products - CALL Price to low to advertise

PTE Intercoolers:
Stock location $749.99
Frount Mount $799.99

On our website we have a wish list that you can fill out and send to your friends and family for gift ideas we also have gift certificates available.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Mike & Marianne Licht
586 294 4404
awesome Mike, is the GT6152E the Limited or does it apply to both the PTE PT61 and limited GT6152? And will these prices be shown on the website or should i just call up to order? Thanks
These are PTE turbos, call to order for now. We just did a big software upgrade and are still getting the bugs out before we can put the prices on the web
Is there any way we can get a deal on the ATR style rear sway bar?:)

Thanks I meant to put that on there, but somehow I would rather not call it ATR since they are no longer in business. :biggrin:

FULL THROTTLE 1 3/8" rear sway bars $149.99

Hey Mike... I just gave you a call to order a turbo.

I'll try again on Monday.

Thanks for the deal.

Hey Mike..
Is there a "coupon code" we need to enter for online purchases at these prices or do we just need to call in the order??

Tom Houser
Performance Instruments
The Dash
OMG Mike looks like the GN will be getting new injectors for Xmas!!!

quick questions

hey Mike how does a 67GTQ compare to a GTB6776 - and how durable is this NEW ball bearing cartridge? is this the "one" that you MUST water cool for it to survive? and can a "stock" 109 with 3200 stall spool the 67 GTQ? TIA

thanx for your continued vendor support. All of us really appreciate You and Marianne and Bob.
A 6776 is a P-Trim and the GTQ is the bigger Q-Trim turbine. The Q is much slower spooling. No way it will work with a 3200 but the GTB6776 is perfect with that and has gone 10.20's or faster already. All Garrett BB turbos MUST be watercooled, east to tap from the Throttle body lines.
thanks for the nice words
I love the 210/215 roller.

Makes a ton of power with my lil 63 turbo. Real good driveability, idles like stock. Highly recommended.
Yes, I'm wanting the Gen2 Translator deal and a Gen2 Chip. Do I need to call?
I have been dealing with Mike for years. He is a guy you can trust and he will back up anything if you have a problem.
Yes, I'm wanting the Gen2 Translator deal and a Gen2 Chip. Do I need to call?

It's pretty difficult for me to call during the day because of my job, can you give me a total on these two items and I can paypal or something?