Christmas wish list

Maybe not yours but if you ask him for it he can bring it down mine. Hell i will build a new chimney to make sure it fits ;)
sounds like a reasonable price considering what others motor are goin for
I was wondering what the engine was originally going into. BTW, Ralph can you lend me some coin if Santa doesn't come thru? ;)

Not sure how those crazy looking headers will fit down the chimney (or in an engine bay). But, Hey! The thing's got AC. I wonder if this beast was made from left over parts from one of his recent Bonneville projects?
Neal, everyone knows fireplaces in CA are just for looks... Santa will have to find another way to get it under the tree, but I would imagine he is pretty resourceful. :)
It will cost another 10 grand to get it running. It has no turbos,headers,wastegates and ecu. Still a deal if you are rich. It is built by the turbo guru, so its worth every penny.