Coated Bearings


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A search found a comment about very tight fitting cam with coated bearings - any new thoughts on this?

Also was told that the main bearings could be coated to cut the bearing clearance a bit, now at .0033.

Wondering how long it takes to get the bearings coated and what type of bearing to start with.

I have an Eagle/CAT crank and stock rods.

the bulk of the "dry film" top coat wears off almost immediately on start up of a new engine . it's what that's "impregnated" into the bearing material that provides the actual protection/use . IMO I can not see it being used as a fix to tighten up clearences . if it was it would be temporary .

I use ThermalTech . it's a family run company that does a great job with good customer service . I would give them a call or anyother place and ask them concerning the above . :)

Taken from the ThermalTech web site - " The dry film lubricants will burnish until they are no longer visible. They are applied at thickness ranging from .0005 to .0015. However, before assembly the coating may be burnished back to less than .0002 with gentle buffing using " Scotchbright" or similar material. NO CHANGES need to be made in clearances due to the use of these coatings. In many instances because of the reduced part temperature and increased lubrication tighter clearances may be run. "
Thanks for info and thoughts on this.

Still have not yet heard anything about what the crank will need - if it gets cut I think that will change the options for bearings