code 15


buick fanatic
May 26, 2001
hi guys i got another one for ya to help me the last week or two the check engine light comes on after driving for awile and it will go out after about a only does it once and awile and the only code i'm getting is 15.i've replace all sensors a couple months ago.would changing the thermostat to a 160 degree one cause this?thanks.
Check and see if you forgot to plug back the coolant sensor terminal onto the sensor. If it's the original and the plug checks out fine, replace the coolant sensor. Generally, the terminal that plugs onto the coolant sensor falls apart with age. Replacment coolant sensors come with a new attachment terminal to upgrade.
yeah i checked it the other day and it was on.but i do know what you mean by it wearing out.but when i replaced it a month or so ago it did'nt come with the plug,only the sensor.