coilpack and firing order ?


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one what is the firing order of the 84GN two how do you test a coil pack ? three what other car can i get a coilpack out of and use it in mine thanks.
Firing order

Firing order is setup like this with the stock coil

Rear of engine
Front of Engine

Coil pack
If you're replacing the coil, you might as well go with the 86/7 setup for that, as they are easier to find, and not as expensive as the 84/5 packs. HTH

volt metter test ohms's 11k-13k front to back on the same side like te right side then the middle then the right front and back and the other info not sure
You can ohm out the coil but the only sure way to test, is with the Casper's coil/module tester.Don't know of any car with the same coil. Could convert to a type II coil or order an Accel coil that comes with the adapter for the 85. HTH
If you just need a coil, you can get the Accel coil which includes the adapter to make it work.
If your changing the module , you'll need an adapter for the module.
Jeg's I know has the Accel coil maybe other hi-per parts shops may carry it. HTH