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Anyone made a cold air kit or put one on that isn't the SLP or Thrasher kit? My friend has a '99 Grand Prix GT(I know, Iknow...but the air box is the same) and wants a cold air kit for his car that won't break the bank. Any help will be appreciated. Please email me as I don't own a series II and don't get in here often. Thanks

Matt Golden
GSCA #5492
I made one for my swap, because I didn't get the air box. I used some 3" PVC pipe, a 60deg elbow, a rubber adapter and a K&N cone filter. About $40 for the K&N and $15 for the rest. Here's a pic:


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Thanks for the input! I had a similar cold air setup on my T-Type when I purchased it. The previous owner went 11's with it on the car. It relocated the filter so that it was behind the air dam. It worked, but the filter had to be cleaned an awful lot as my car was a daily driver, and on hot days in traffic it would get alot of heat from the road surface. I figured we could do something like that to my friends Grand Prix. Do you have the filter blocked off from the underhood air? After looking at my friends car again, I have decided that it will probably be best to build a box to close it off so that it only recieves cold air from outside. I'm going to run a hose to the fog light location until we can come up with a scoop for it. On the Grand Prix, it gets all the air to the filter from behind the headlight(as far as I can tell) which is ok for the factory air box. However, with a cone filter(and I'm sure most of you already know this), it will get some of the air from behind the headlight, but most of it will be hot air from under the hood. And as you all know, the hotter the air, the less dense it is and the less power you make. I don't seriously think it will be a problem on his car as it's not packing boost. Anyway, I really do appreciate the help.

Matt G.
What I plan on doing is blocking off the whole left fender with a big piece of plastic from menards. This will not only block the heat from the filter, but from the computer as well. I'll then put a hose from the spoiler throught the headlight hole, so cold air gets pushed into the fender area. I'll have pics on my site when I get it dones.
Used the ATR cold air setup that used to be on my GN with a 9" K&N. I have a flexable hose comming off the TB to the K&N but will be adding a 3" silicone 45* ell to the filter.