compressor upgrade

well my unknown turbo just went south.
compressor nlades touched the housing and leaked oil thru the turbine like a seep.

now, my turbo guy suggested that instead of using the same .57 trim compressor, upgrade it to a 60.

the whole turbo specs are..
ar .70
60-1 compressor
P trim turbine
.58 ar turbine housing
full t04

i was running 18 psi on the 57 trim and the car ran like a bat out of hell.
should I leave the 18 psi or lower it and tune?

have a translator and 72 injectors
stock ecu and intercooler
cams(unknown specs), header ( seems like atr) and built engine ( no specs also)

i am not looking for a drag king here, just a little bit of power and most of all reliability.
A 60-1 is not a "60".
It works well with the P trim but a waste unless the engine is operating at a much higher rpm with that low boost level. I don't rec P trim for stock heads. The stage 3 turbine is a better choice. Converter requirement is a lot less and it will spool a lot faster.
Hot side is a P trim with AR .58 tangential, twin scroll

I only changed the compressor wheel.

Dunno if this is the info you need.
LMK if you need sizes so I can properly id this turbo and adjust accordingly.

So, in order to spool this guy faster, as the 57 trim, I would need a smaller AR on the exhaust?

I was running 18 psi on the .57, no noticeable lag.

The info on the turbo is correct?
You would need a smaller turbine. A t04e 57 with a p trim is a mismatch of wheels. A p trim with a 60-1 at 18psi under 6000 rpm isn't going to hit 50lbs/min. You would be better off with the smaller turbine
what turbine wheel you recommend

will a smaller AR compressor/exhaust housing compensate somewhat this?

drove the car and felt very sluggish.
other than changing the turbine... what are my options?
The ex housing a/r won't do much to correct a wrong turbine/compressor and you already mentioned a .58 which is too small for a p trim to achieve peak flow. The turbine makes all the difference. Nitrous is an option that will offset the mismatch of wheels.