Conley's Performance Plus Closing


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May 27, 2001
I got this email earlier from Lawrence Conley.


After almost 22 years of serving the Buick Performance market,

Conley’s Performance Plus INC. is closing.

Janace and I are retiring, planning on touring the country, and Chris has career opportunities in other industries.

CPP will start liquidating inventory, tools, shop & office equipment every Saturday starting …

Saturday – Sept. 29, 2007 (9:00AM – 2:00PM).

Please feel free to contact Janace or Chris for needs & deals.


The doors will close for the last time - Oct. 31, 2007.

At this time, we would like to thank all of our friends and customers for making the last 22 years so memorable. You will always be cherished and remembered for the success YOU bestowed upon us.

Till we meet again,

Lawrence, Janace & Chris Conley

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Lawrence for his contributions to the Buick community over the years and say it's sad to see one of the few remaining old school guys leave us.

Good luck Lawrence and Janace!
Holy crap!! That's truly a shocker. CCP has been and always be a legendary shop and buisness, let alone Lawrence him self! I have not got the opportunity to meet Chris, but I've meet Lawrence and would sit and talk with him at the BPG event and then the Shootout in oklahoma.

I hope he still comes around with the Category 6 car, even though he doesnt OWN it, but i'd hope he still campaigns it along with still race with Bobby Don.

Well, like i said, it's a true shocker that this is happening.

Once again, ANOTHER Buick vendor is pulling the plug, BUT that doesnt mean we're DOWN IN THE COMMUNITY!

To Lawrence, Janace, and to all at CCP. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE!!!!!!!

-Adam Kary
22 years not sure how you did it.:biggrin:

It has been a pleasure doing business with you guys over the last 6 years.

I'll be calling to see what you are selling.
Congrats on being able to retire.

Dam, I don,t know what to say, like Elvis dying unexpectidingly. Spelling is bad, ,Dam .
I feel like crying.....but I'm gonna "man up" and say:

Thank you for everything YOU have brought to this community. Your business and name are synonymous with quality and class. You will be missed. BUT

I know you will be back, so I will wait.

I tried to park my GN in the garage and forget about it - as I was thinking that I found myself installing injectors. It's an illness.
I hate to see you go-you ve been one of the biggest & reputable influences on the buick community -best of luck in the future !
Thanks for paving the way for those of us who are vendors now. Wish I started when you did as maybe I could be retiring too.:biggrin: :biggrin:
I am sorry to hear this, good luck Lawrence, Janace, & staff of CPP. This will cause a severe loss in the turbo Buick community, best of wishes whereever you go & whatever you do.
Thank you CPP.

I can still remember the very first time I ever met Lawrence and Janace at the '95 Fastest Street Car Shootout in Memphis TN. The very first time I ever spoke with them, they treated me like family. Every year I would look forward to going to either that race, or the GS Nats to see them. I learned a lot from Lawrence about these cars, and data banked everything that he taught me. I have also known quiet a few satisfied CPP customers over the years. I have so many good memories of past races, seeing Black, Tweaked and Tweaked II in action. Awesome memories.





I for one sincerely appreciate everything that Lawrence taught me, thank you for treating me as family and thank you for carrying the Turbo Buick torch all these years. Without CPP, the Turbo Buick community would not be where it is today....

Thank you for everything you have done for us all and I wish Janace, Lawrence and the entire family my best wishes and a happy and fulfilling retirement. You guys deserve it.

Patrick Rubio
The Conley's

I remember the night I arrived at there house 12 years ago in Texas. They welcomed me like a was family. I worked for them a couple weeks to get them caught up. This year in Columbus Ohio. I asked Lawrence if I could borrow a helmet because mine was not legal. I got to wear the tweaked original helmet. Lawrence said it might make be faster wearing his helmet. They are great people and will be missed by all. Good luck with your travels and retirement. Hope to see you still at the Buick events. God Bless You.
Wow, I am in shock!
A little piece of the turbo buick world just died.
I know that LC went much faster but I will
always remember tweaked in it's stock suspension form.
That thing was running 9s when that was unheard of
for a street type car.

Thanks for your time and commitment.
God bless and enjoy your retirement!
Paying my respects

"Cause Lawrence will take care of ya!"

Bet this isn't the end of what we see from this guy.
A sad good bye to a great company and great people

I would like to add that Tweeked is the car that made me want a Turbo buick all those years ago! I was with my dad at the ripe age of 17 and saw the car go 9's and found out it was a turbo 6 I wanted one right then! Then I saw the car a few years later and it went in the low 8's then the 7's all with a little 6!
I got one at 24 and loved it to death till someone stole it :(

Needless to say I have my 2nd one and I love it too!

THANKS FOR EVERYTHING And good luck in retirment may it find you happy and well.



Ill make payments :D
The Conley family made significant progress with the turbo Buicks... I grew up dreaming of the day that I could have a GN built by Lawrence and Co... Unfortunately, I only got to experience the beginning of the bitter end. I'd say this chapter in the history of the GN is long overdue.

None the less, I have lots of memories growing up watching Lawrence break records and turn out some monster Buicks...

Farewell CPP... but I'm afraid I must say, based on the last few years, good riddance.

---Ron Carlin Jr.