cooling fan wiring question


Aug 14, 2001
I am wiring up an auxilliary fan in front of the radiator and don't know which wire to splice into. I already have it grounded but should I splice into the blue or the red wire that goes to the main fan for power. I want the aux. fan to go on and off when the main fan turns on and off.

It may be too much load unless you run it off a separate relay and power wire. You can use the positive wire to the current fan to trigger the relay.

The blk/red wire is the low speed feed and the black/pink is the high speed feed.
Where would I get one of these relays? and what would it be called?

Thats NOT a good Idea man.

I'm just messing with you. I'll pick one up for you today but you'd have to come pick it up from Gabby's house. It's called a Bosch relay and you can prolly get one at any radio/car audio installation place. (NOT Discount auto parts)

It's prolly like 6 bucks or so but for you, 20 should be O.K.:D

Let me know.