Cooling system!!


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Dec 2, 2009
So a month ago I was having problem with car overheating and many bad thermostats!
Since then I have replace the radiator with a f-body one, A new aluminum oil/tranny cooler! And I took some advice from another board member , well he said since I live in so-cal . Not to use a thermostat but what I did was I kinda gut out the thermostat took out some of the center pieces and left the outside rim and the backing that holds the spring , just to keep the flow a little slower and now the car runs real cool. It stays around 160-170 degrees!! Or is that too low?? I don't think it is but just want to get your opionion !
Yes... I use to drill little holes on my 160 degree thermostat from the autoparts store but they would go bad after a year and leave me stranded somewhere so I hope this will be a lot better