Corvette Club of Atl vs Turbo Buicks


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May 29, 2001
The Corvette Club of Atlanta wants to race our turbo club at Reynolds Ga during the B.O.P. race in Nov 9-10th. They couldn't race during the summer, so here's their chance. Some of their members will have the new 405hp Z06 to run us :D alan
i'll be at this BOP challenge running the stang....hopefully will see some 10 sec ets and 125+ mph :D

can any1 give me some more info? is it a bracket race or heads up?
B.O.P Challenge , Corvettes too....

Call Bennett Jones on 229-263-7935. He's has all the info for it. Don't know if it's a work # or home #.

The Corvette Club had a car show that week-end but it was canceled. One of the Corvette Club members said they wanted to come to the B.O.P. race at our last meeting since they don't have anything planned. They wanted an ad from the Sept issue of MuscleCar Review Magazine that had a full page ad on the race. I made copies and sent it to them :cool: I'll find out more at our next meeting...... alan