Could someone give me a ballpark figure?


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Jul 20, 2002
I am considering selling my car to pursue other interest and would like to know roughly what it is worth.
I understand that without seeing the car this is difficult to do, I am hoping somebody could give me a ballpark.

Here is what it is:

1987 Buick Grand National T-top car
Needs paint, body work some dents here & there.
No Rust (stored winters)
Nice interior
Entire Heating system removed.


Poly Body Bushings
H&R Poly Motor Mounts
H&R Poly Tranny mount
BMR upper & Lower control arms
American Racing Outlaw 1 wheels 15x8"
Nitto 555R Drag Radials (Rear)
BF Goodrich (front)
ATR Sway Bar
Eibach Pro kit springs
Bilstein shocks

.020 over 3.8 block (stock internals)- done before I purchased the car Low milage since rebuild.
Steel timing chain & gears
Champion CNC ported Iron Heads
Champion Ported intake
160* Therm.
72 Lb. Fuel injectors (Seimans)
Translator+ with Extender chip
3.5" MAF, Stock Exhaust Manifolds
Houston 3" Stainless downpipe
3" Stainless (Gutted) Cat
Full ATR 3" exhaust system
PTE Oil saver and Booster plate
CPT65 Ball Bearing Turbocharger 4" Intake (Cottons)
ATR Cold air kit
MPE 3" in & out BIG Intercooler
CAS Aluminum Radiator
Ramchargers Dual Fans
SMC Dual Jet alcohol Injection
Champion air conditioning delete bracket
Pro rebuilt 200r4 Tranny with PTS 9/11 3200 Stall
Performance Instruments GNX Dash
Alpine CD player
Custom Built Aluminum center console plate (where shifter is located) SMC control is built in.
All parts listed were installed NEW last summer.
Id say $5k is way too low. Hes got at least $10k in parts. Id say $7k with the ****ty economy.Maybe more. Just depends on how much body work is needed.

Just my $.02
ok, would you pay $10K?

parts are worth about $.10 on the dollar

compared to body work, everything is CHEEP
I sorta love how much is a car worth that has a mint interior, mint exterior, and runs 10's in the 1/4 with all accessories still available (including heat and air)??
Originally posted by azgn
I sorta love how much is a car worth that has a mint interior, mint exterior, and runs 10's in the 1/4 with all accessories still available (including heat and air)??

I will guess that if the other car is worth $8 or $9k your car should be worth at least $35k... and make my T worth about $25K. :)
He didnt say anything about rust and he said the interior is good,still has air just not heat.The motor/tranny/wiring harness/turbo/inj/bracketry, etc would bring $5000 easy IMO and if you guys car is worth those figures id guess mine would be worth $40k once it finished.:eek:
Just curious----what kinda times does this car run---what kinda HP/TQ----surely you have some idea---just wondering about the combo because---that is where i am headed----sounds like a pretty cool car

No Rust Nice interior

First I would like to say thanks for trying to determine the value of the car. In my original post it states no rust. It also say's Entire heating system removed which means there is now a blank panel
from (Turbo Regal custom parts) where the heating system was.
It also say's it has a champion a/c delete bracket which would only mean the a/c has been removed as well.
This is a 10 second car easy, I cannot say for sure, but I am willing to bet with proper tuning and a good driver this goal could be achieved.

Like was stated in the original post. The car has some dents.
The car was stored in a facility where occasionally people would bump into it and set things on it. This is what the guy said that I bought the car from.

I know paint and body work is expensive, I am at a crossroads at this point. It is either wait and finish the car or sell it and move on to my other interests.

I will try to get some pictures posted so it will be easier to determine the value.
Thanks again everyone

Something is only worth as much as someone will pay for it... It's all realitive.

Expect the worst ($5K) and hope for the best... If you ask high - plan on sitting on it for a while till the right buyer comes along.

Good luck whichever route you go.

I was gonna ask how he'd have AC with all the heater stuff removed.:D

As for price, I'd say $8 or $9k if it needs alot of body work. If you get a $3k paint job w/ minor body work, that should put you right in line @ $11k.