cracked head or manifold leak


Oct 11, 2009
OK, I have been chasing an exhaust leak and couldn't find where it was coming from. Then I had the AH Ha moment, maybe the headers are leaking. Just for the hell of it I pulled a plug and this is what I found. Now, could this be blow by at the spark plug, ie cracked head, or a leak in the header? 140 PSI on 2-4-6 cyl. this issue is with #2 cyl. Opinions?
Using the old rubber hose to the ear to check for exhaust leaks, there is a lot of flutter at # 2 cylinder. However, the rusted area on the plug, which looks like an exhaust leak, gives me concern!
Dan Marx


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I would do a leak down test . The tool u can get from harbor fright for cheap . That will tell you a lot of information about your motor health. It’s way better then just a compression test .