cracks in paint

Russell Stover

New Member
Apr 30, 2003
When I got the car the guy told me he and a friend painted it in his friends body shop. The paint is about 3 years old and looks great except the hood roof and trunk all have deep cracks in them. What would cause this to happen, the paint or the prep?
Probally both! Sounds like what is called solvent crazing. I'm not a body man but it sounds like the reducer(solvent) in the top coat and maybe the sealer(primer) is evaporating late because to much reducer was added. It doesn't show up right away and sometimes doesn't show up until a year later. The only cure is to strip it to bare metal and paint it again.

Eric Fisher
Sounds like they sanded and painted over existing lacquer cracks. Probably thought it wouldn't come back. ALL imperfections, come back. :eek: