Crane Cams HI-65 Ignition box / QTP 3” Cutout


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Couple parts that I have sitting on the shelf that I’m looking to move.

Crane Cams HI-65 Ignition box mounted on factory coil pack bracket. This was swapped out from my stage car for a MSD DIS-4 box. -$150

QTP 3” cutout that was removed when the build was changed. Has wiring that comes with it that has been wired to a toggle switch. Wiring was spliced.-$80

Price does not include shipping from 60450



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I'll take the cutout if dank GN isn't interested. Send me the total shipped to 98026.
She is all yours bud . I have had bad experience with the Chinese ones they don’t close and it sounds like a permanent exhaust leak . That’s why I asked . U should be good with it being QTP