Crazy Arab gearheads like turbos!

Imagine how fast they would be moving on Az dirt!!!!

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If I'm not mistaken Duttweiler built some TA motors for some of these guys also. Think @ one time they even exhausted what was left of TA blocks.
so they've invented ...

sand drags

leave it to jalopnik to "discover" strange and exotic stuff from around the world that we've been doing here since the invention of the internal combustion engine..
Not so stupid considering they have figured out how to get us to give them $4 a gallon of gas. So when you have all our money you can do whatever you want with a turbo. Must be nice!
Dude, we don't buy gas from them. We buy oil, refine it and sell it back to them. We then see the price spike because the sellers tell us we are short on gas. And we believe them.