Crazy Request Time


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im having a real hard time with my converter and getting it to drop in. i get the 2 xlixks and it sits pretty deep in but when i go to install motor i cant turn the converter. its squashed.
does any one have a fully installed converter that they can measure either from the mouting pad for bolt ro fly wheel or from actual converter to the trans case?
im really stuck and i believe its in as far as possible. thx in advance.
When Jimmy installed my converter we had to put transmission facing up and spun the converter. It dropped right in.
Pull it all the way off and redo it again. I just went through this myself. You should not be able to get your fingers between the pump and converter when fully seated. Thats when you know your all the way in.
I had this same issue with a 10" PTC converter that I purchased from one of the good vendors for the wife's T. There was no way in Hell that it would fully seat. The solution was to send it back and go with a Vigilante TC, which installed effortlessly with no problem.
Do not want to bash any brand here--but that was my experience.
I've never had a PTC that wouldn't seat. I've had many that would require some fiddling. I always verify the splines with an input and stator support before I attempt install. I do this to be sure that the splines are correct. The splines are very precise and need to be lined up and squared to the transmission or they won't go
thx for the info. man ive been playing with it 3xs already. good news is i can bolt and unbolt bell housing in minutes now lol. ill mess wit it some more. trans is in the car ill just keep fiddlin with it. hopefully ill get it. i always get caught w the stupid stuff.