Crazy Scanmaster Numbers, pls help


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Dec 12, 2002
I just put it on a new Scanmaster last night. Install was easy.

The knock readout seems to be working. I got it to read 2 degrees for a flash by hammering it from a roll, otherwise reads 0 at 20 lbs boost.

The O2 MV is all over the map. It reads like a random number generator at one second intervals: 250, 125, 770, 500, 800, 0, 50, etc. The car is running perfect, smooth idle & acceleration, with no hesitation.

Combo is stock long block, stock intercooler, stock turbo. Iceman intake, FP, regulator, hard pipe from filter to mass air, Armstrong chip, bleeder to adj the boost.
Your o2 #s are suppose to be like that. The only time it will stay pretty constant is at WOT.