Crower cams 204/214


Aug 30, 2004
Hey everyone has anyone had any experience with running Crower cams I'm looking for a 204/214 cam their seems reasonably priced
IMHO, too small to bother with, old design, slow ramp rates, and low lift. Not to mention the ZDDP issue with flat tappet cams. Notice it shows the lift at 1.6 rocker ratio, Buicks are 1.55, so your lift will be less.
Comp cams have consistently quicker ramp rates, resulting in more area under the curve and more power.
I think that a Comp hyd rlr 212/212 and 1.65 rockers are a better upgrade and will complement your heads/intake.
Oh I've read on here the 204 214 made a good street cam for our cars thru the search...I was curious about the brand and if anyone had experience with them.
I'm not looking really to go roller just want to get the car on the road and not looking to spend a crazy amount of money
I put an Edelbrock 204/214 in my car about 20 years ago. For a street car I'm happy with it. Low end torque outside of boost seems good. I was told it's better to under-cam this engine than over-cam it.
True story on over camming, but having a quicker ramp rate adds to cylinder filling at whatever the duration or RPM, so the engine makes more power everywhere. The quicker ramp rate also acts to widen and raise the top end of the power band without loss of low end, a win, win situation.
Duration determines the basic point where the power band starts and ends, (modified by ramp rate, lobe separation, and advance.)
Lift determines how much power is made within the power band.
Comp Cams has a wider selection of lobes and shapes than anyone else, allowing you,, or in the best case, their experts to choose the best, most powerful cam for your application.
My info is derived from a few sources: owning a cam analyzer that measures, quantifies, and graphs any cam (over 30 years!), analyzing every cam that has come thru my shop for installation, and trying several (or more!!!) cams in my own cars.
My customers say my own street and strip cars use Velcro gaskets to speed up cam changes!
There are very few companies that actually grind their own cams, other outlets simply rebox cams with their own logos that were sourced elsewhere. Some offerings are based on profit from markup, others from: "it worked good in my car 15 years ago, so that's what I'll sell as my "Whiz Bang" wonder cam!"
Why not call Comp and talk to an expert that has the biggest selection, all of the answers, and dyno info at his fingertips?
The cam is the "brain" of the engine and can make or break any combo.