Cruise Control?


I've sifted through about 10 pages in the "search" feature and have yet to come across an answer to my inquiry:

I read that someone was able to remove the stalk, dismantle it, repair/clean it and re-install.

I checked my brake module, the vacuum is good and and even the black wire on the stalk is good. So I figure, short of replacing the stalk, that I'd try and fix it first. Anyone have any advice or pics on how to do this?

Crusie control

Mine would not would either, i found that the internal relay on the (not sure what its tech, name is,) thing that vacuam goes to and it pulls the arm to adjust the throtle, was rusted closed. So I cleaned and lubed all the contacts,, works great.

I would test the stalk controls and wiring first with an ohm meter.

The on/off switch should short the blue to the green wire in the ON position.

The set/coast switch which is the push button on the end of the stalk shorts the blue to the red wire but the on/off switch must be ON for this test and working correctly.

The resume/accel switch which is the momentary slider switch past the on position shorts the blue to the yellow wire.

You can detach the 4 pin flat connector from the wiring that goes to the cruise control module easy enough for these tests.

Pin A is the blue wire which goes to the pink/blk of the cruise connector.

Pin B is the green wire which goes to the gray of the cruise connector.

Pin C is the yellow wire which goes to the gray/black of the cruise connector.

Pin D is the red wire which goes to the dark blue of the cruise connector.

Checking the operation with a known good cruise control black box module would also be a good test.

Finding out what in the stalk isn't working before taking it apart would be a good idea with these tests, especially if it's actually okay.
Not to hijack but how exactly do ya get it off pull steering wheel :confused: i have a new replacement because mine looks like a** any help on procedure for this is appreciated. :D

I have replaced my arm,(when Kirbans had the ones that are the same as ours new,) a while back. Not to bad, the main problem is you do need to take wheel off. Not hard if you have done before, otherwise I strongly suggest you get the manuel on it. Just becuase it can be a lettle tricky. Also I found when rep[lacing the arm with a new arm, I it was easiest just to snip the end off the new unit and either sodder the wires at the tilt or, as i did, use the old wire to pull the new one through the colum. I may have a chiltons I can photo-copy and email you, but I'll have to check.

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Actually, if you can post some pics or instructions on wheel removal it would be great. I was wondering how to remove mine too! I have some weird squeaking noise that seems to emanate from inside the column...

Otherwise, If you can't post, email me at
I replaced one some time back, but didn't remove the steering wheel. All I did was pull the stalk out of its socket, cut the wire off, then tape the new one at the connector to the cut wire. Remove the sound deadener panel, then find the little connector, pull it thru to get the new connector in place. It was pretty easy as I recall. The connector is very small so it kind of slithers thru the steering column.