Cruise Night


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Just had one of the best cruise nights I ever had. Up untill this month, I've never seen a GNX up close in person, so far I'm now 2-0 this month, go figure. First one I saw in Vegas last week at the Imperial Palace Auto Collection, but it was roped off and I couldn't get close to it. Tonight, not only did I see one, he parked next to my TTA. It was beautifull and had a ASC installed moonroof witch I guess is very rare. He let me open the door & look around in it & its the real deal.

He said he doesn't drive it much, but what are the odds of running into him again let alone park next to him at a show. We talked for a while, super nice guy, I guess it was my lucky day. Just thought I would share that...
Scottsdale Pavillians, off the Loop 101 & Indian Bend, it was huge. They have it listed on Cruisen also...