Cummins Turbo Diesel fans?


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Dec 14, 2004
I finally jumped on a Pre-DEF, 2012, 84K mile, deleted, 2500 6.7 CTD, DD/Tow vehicle, and been studying the platform quite a bit. Learned quite a bit looking at YouTube videos and reading. I like the reliability, platform stability, and simplicity of the CTD. Not looking for another money pit or more power but have a few minor issues with the mystery aftermarket tune that need to be straightened out. Currently looking hard at MM3 or RaceMe tune. EFI live is great and wildly popular, but unsure from a few things I have been told.

Looking forward to getting a system, and tweak the out of box tune for my needs.
I have a smarty jr tuner very simple and very safe for my stock motor it has basically a performance , tow, and economy settings, get yourself and aero turbine muffler for her get about 2/3 mpg with that edition , too bad you can't delete your particulate filter( cat for diesels) on exhaust will throw code on anything past 07
lot of fun stuff for the TCD
steed speed has some of the best exhaust manifolds if every looking, if I drive it right I can get 19/20 mpg with a big ole 3/4 ton pick up :p
I use Donaldson or fleet guard oil filters and wix fuel filter, also run xdp fuel additive/cetane booster its cheap and one once every fill up , I have 200,000 on mine and all ive replaced is the water pump and belt . did the tranny service and gear oil in axles, and new billsteinsand ball joints at 100K probably time again , flushed the cooling system when water pump went bad , don't cheap out on parts and get mopar ones when needed LOL
if your towing get a mag tec or georand, deep pan
I'm pretty sure that the RaceMe tuners allow for full delete, including DPF.
I had a Smarty 67 on my 07.5 6.7 truck that worked great.
I had a Dave Matthew / Draconian Diesel transmission tune that was night and day difference over stock. Shifts points were raised and much firmer than original. That truck had a separate transmission module though.

- I just looked & Draconian has the MM3 and includes their transmission tunes -

" 68RFE Tuning - Draconian considers the transmission tuning just as important or more important than you engine tuning. With the exception of extreme cases, its pretty hard to kill a cummins. The 68RFE on the other hand, is the weak link on your truck. Our 68RFE tuning includes years of R&D with transmission builders and designers. We adjust shift schedule, TCC Rates, Torque Limits, Line Pressure, Ramp Rates, and many more parameters. We pride ourselves on knowing that your transmission is going to last with the new power. "
Thanks guys.
I will be using fleet guard or Mopar filters only. Transmission pressures, shift points and LU will need to be tuned for sure. Lol
Donaldson is the best has the best micron rating mopars are rebadged fleet guards just more $
just saying
Got it. Good to know on the filter. Will finish up the research.

Been following these guys on Youtube. Great no BS testing of all sorts of parts/mods.
Won't fit my truck but CAT filters are 2 micron filters.


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I have a 2012 Cummins that I've done alot of work to. If you have any questions call me.

The only option is the MM3 or EFI live stay away from the rest. I run efi live as I like having the edge monitor but it's all preference.

I have draconian tunes but if I was to try someone else I would go anarchy.

When you do the programmer you will get the trans tunning. Unfortunately the trans tuning will only help the shift and feel because you will be limited by the stock valve body and what it can make as for line pressure. I think it bumps up to 195 from 175 but cant recall for sure.

If you want to get the trans to live and be able to get the line pressure up you need a revmax valve body. I have that in my truck and its night and day difference with it. Think line pressure goes to 250 with it.

As for filter extra go with

That's the only place to buy from IMOP

what else, always change the fuel filter often. I still change mine alot even with my AFE fuel system.

I have arp head bolts in mine etc.

Also you can delt the filter that sits on top of the valve cover. Pull it off gut it put it back together vent it to atmosphere. Cap off the port going to the turbo.

Cabin air filter module can be done.

Also you can put a 190 thermostat in the truck that helps some Imop

Anyways I'm beat been up 24hours hope this helps some

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I miss my '07.5 - traded her in on an '18. Gonna have to wait for a while now for some mods!
I spoke to a guy who used to work in the tuning department used by the big 3. Had involvement in with the Cummins code/tune (Paraphrasing here . . . . ) it felt like talking to the Bison of the CTD world. Was refreshing . . Lol. He does custom tuning and said he liked the Raceme the best. It sure felt like he can eat tuning a CTD like butter after he showed me a few things.

Haven't decided yet what I will be using. I am researching options. Not planning to go crazy with anything.
Just watched a video on transmission upgrade. Really cool to see a lot of it can be done in the car. I know the transmission can be a limitation so just trying below the weak link so to speak. At least for now. Lol!

Found the video.
rated at 15 microns at 99% efficiency fits your motor cat is better on microns but loose a little efficiency
Nice. Thank you.

Is 15 micron sufficient for fuel? Thought I read that Cummins recommended 5 micron max.
yes 5 recommended of fuel filter a lot of controversy on the fuel filter, the 6.7 is a different animal and if I had a 6.7 id use the mopar nanonet little more $$$$ though, but should get more time change interval out of it , I run a Baldwin PF7977 Fuel Filter and change every year ,
yes 5 recommended of fuel filter a lot of controversy on the fuel filter, the 6.7 is a different animal and if I had a 6.7 id use the mopar nanonet little more $$$$ though, but should get more time change interval out of it , I run a Baldwin PF7977 Fuel Filter and change every year ,
Alright. Thanks a lot.