Dave Morgan Chassis Seminar


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Dec 7, 2004
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The Dave Morgan chassis seminar will be making a return visit to Westchester County, NY again. The dates are March 9 & 10, 2013. This is a 2 day class for $170 and it is excellent! The class is geared more towards race cars setups but has a lot of great info for stock suspension racers as well. Saturday will be classroom learning from 9am till 7pm and then Sunday those that bought their cars will be scaling and setting them up all day! Bring your tools and working clothes because this is hands on all day Sunday! The class will be held at the Auto Center @ Chappaqua Crossing and you must call ASAP as seating is limited to around 25. Those that wish to bring cars better sign up early as will only have time for probably 5 or 6 cars on Sunday. The class is right before the 2013 racing season begins so make sure you are ready! Again if you are interested please call my cell (914) 447-6068(John) or go to davemorganseminars.com. Remember to book with me ASAP to make sure your car is on the list to be checked out! A good race alignment costs about the price of this class so basically the class is free and you get to go through your whole car!