Delco Monsoon

Dr. D

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Jun 27, 2001
Is there much difference dimensionally between the standard Delco receiver / cassette or CD player and the Monsoon receiver / cassette or CD player.
If there are noticeable differences, are the modifications worthwhile?
I'm interested in this too, I know the aftermarket systems are much better, but I like the looks of the stock GM radios.

Anyone?? Audiowizard??

The 1.5 din chassis is the same size as the factory Delco that originally came in our cars. I personally think they are worth the effort of installing one in the Buick. You can run an external amp to be run by head unit and FlyinGN on the board can tell you exactly what he did to get his installed, he really enjoys his new Monsoon.
Cool. Thanks Audiowizard, do you know of anywhere they can be found used? I'd hate to spend the money to buy one brand new :eek:

I have seen them in some of the salvage yards in my town. The next time I am in, I will ask for price.

I pushed the topic to the top called "will this radio work"? and it has all the info that you will need plus some pics of the finished install :cool: .

Thanks Audio Wizard for the info, I just bought one and am really looking forward to getting it in.
Black Box, take a look on e-bay. they have them there once and a while. That's actually where I got mine for $250.00, right out of a brand new Trans Am. This was with amp and speakers.
One of the companies that advertizes on e-bay is Speed Automotive. Their phone nmber is 800.368.0116. Their listings haven't had a web site. Hope this helps.:cool:
I want one of those moonson cd players too. My fiance and I just bought a 99 Malibu with the cassette player. I want to swap them out, but for $250 I think I would rather have an double din Pioneer or something. Anyone know where to find one cheaper. Around $100-150 range......

My 250.00 got me the receiver/CD player, amp and 10 speakers, all brand new. So I think I got a pretty decent deal.:cool: