Detailing undercarriage


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Sep 6, 2003
Whats the best way to clean the undercarriage, particularly light surface rust on the trans cross member? Is there a good way to clean things like the gas tank, trans pan and turbo shield without leaving an overly polished look?

I don't want to do anything that would reduce the value or originality of the car(9,000 miles). Its in excellent condition, but I want to touch it all up and make it perfect
On a 9k car I would document the process so no one thinks there is any mischief,shenanigans or other wise bullsh*t going on...;)
i'll just leave it alone...

how are these cars judged in concours? would i be better off with a trans pan thats been cleaned up to where its obviously been worked or a pan that shows a little haze/age? i prefer the later...