Dexron 6 smells bad


Feb 8, 2006
I was wondering if anyone else is using dexron 6 and their fluid smells bad. I am running through the stock cooler into a large stacked-plate type B&M cooler. I have a temperature gauge mounted in the fluid pan, and I've never seen the temperature go over 160*

The transmission is working fine and only has around 5-6k miles. It doesn't look brown or anything, but it seems to me like it has a burned smell. Anyone?
Don't drink it ........:biggrin:

Probably has done a little cleaning since it is fresh change.
It is a new Brian Hoffer transmission. I wonder if I should change the fluid? A friend of mine has an outlaw 10.5" car and he said his is the same way, but I was just wondering what your guy's experience has been with Dex 6.

My car runs good, but I don't hot-lap the car at the track, or drive it real hard around town etc. I know the transmission fluid hasn't been hot even once.
Did you blow out the old fluid from the coolers? And then flush the lines with carb cleaner? Flushing a few times with carb cleaner would have gotten any deposits out. It is quite possible that Rmar is correct that is did a little cleaning of deposits?
People don't think twice about starting up a new motor running it for 30 min and changing out oil and filter, what should make a fresh trans any different.
2 maybe 3k over a $50 dollar fluid and filter change.
dex 6

Lonnie built my brf 200 for me and recommended that I use the dex 6. So far so good. I don't smell anything out of the ordinary with mine.
I would watch it closely If it doesn't stay pink it could be nothing good.
Mine is as red and as fresh smelling as the day I put it in new. Hell it was so new looking after a fresh trans build and tyacking it to the track I re used it
Same here with dex 6 in my trans but I also flushed the coolers with about 90 lbs of air and about a half can of carb cleaner took about 3 shots with the carb cleaner..

Another thing not sure what brand you guys are using but I put Valvolines Dex 6.

it smells like ass right out of the bottle :(

+1 I agree has it's own smell just put a new transmission in my 2006 Monte Carlo SS (daily driver) was also concerned with smell but the old fluid smells just like the new
bringing this back, but my Type F smells like a stink bomb/fart whatever you want to call it. Its valvoline brand. Has anybody else experienced this with Type F? Is it some new additive being put in there? It smells terrible but its still red.