dfi 6.32 start up probs


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hey guys, just switched to dfi 6.32 and some 72lb inj. the ecu is supposed to have a 72lb proram in it but the car doesnt want to start. when you do get it started you have to keep your foot on the gas about 1/4-1/2 throttle. it sounds like motor is under a load because of the egt's and the turbo sounds like it is spooling. i also keep getting a error message of "echo mismatch"and then i get kicked back into the main screen. sometimes i can get into the submenus though. also what is idle spark error? the users manual i have is for version 6.0. i guess i need a new start up program? here is the combo. ported gn1 heads(249int@600 & 219ex@600)w/matched intake.224/224-.560hydroller, pt-70,72s,pte FM, and a big paxton pump w/-10line. any help would be great. i would like to make what i have work instead of spending $2300. thanks again.

jeremy walters