DFI Gen 7, what do you think?

Reggie West

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May 28, 2001
Does anyone have opinions on the DFI Gen 7 that is out. Is it worth the money?

Speed Pro any better?

Tell me what you think?
I have never seen one. They have a bunch of standard features that Speed Pro charges extra for. I would like to know what the cost is with wide band. It looks like its all that and a bag of chips. I am wondering the same thing. I am in the market to replace the old DFI over the winter. I would like to know from someone who owns one.

Lonnie Diers
I am finding out the cost is not much better than a Speed Pro.
With the wide band O2 the whole set up is about $2800. That is not exactly cheap.
A customer of mine just bought a DFI Gen7. About the only thing I saw on the DFI that FAST doesn't have was a shift light output (I suppose the NOS output on the FAST could be used for the same thing) and air conditioning control.
I personally will stick with the FAST unit. They are great with customer support and are continuously trying to improve there product (data logger, FAST WP, etc..) Remember it took DFI 12 years to improve upon the original DFI.

Just my .02
Cal what about the 2 step ign rev control and SFI,Batch, Bank to bank, fancy datalog and that stuff that the Gen7 is suposed to have standard. Did it have those things? I did not know that the Fast Ecu have those items standard.

Lonnie Diers
This guys box has all of that. I forgot about the two-step, that could be nice for people without MSD ignitions. I need to clarify my previous post. I wasn't trying to list ALL the diferances between the boxes, I was just pointing out a few things that I liked on the DFI unit over the FAST unit (AC control, shift light, and 2-step). Most of the diferances are "fluff" IMO. I was hoping they would get away from that "special" $135 comunications cable.

The FAST unit has a REALLY good data logging feature that's standard. As I monkey around with the DFI, I will be able to better compare the two.
As for batch, B2B, and sequential: Unless your running 160# injectors, I haven't seen any advantage to going with a sequential box. The bank to bank is WAY better then the old DFI batch fire when it comes to idle tuning big injectors.

Like I said earlier, I am still pretty unfamiliar with the DFI box, as I learn it more, I will be able to better compare the two.

If the DFI manages to work as well as the FAST box, I will still have a FAST unit, just for the customer support. While at Bristol last weekend, I called up FAST from the track and Lance W. was willing to email me some stuff I needed to help a guy out at the track. They are willing to listen and to help their customers. That goes a LONG way with me.
2 step

I'm 90% sure the 2 step won't work with the GN ignition.......

(been there)

Service does go along way. I have DFI Gen6. I have not yet had any problems other than with my laptop and Calmap they do not like each other. Since I have no problem with my old DFI it will take bells a whistles to get me to buy a new system. I have not yet decided Fast or Gen7. I really want to see the Gen7 in action before I decide. If the Gen7 works as trouble free as the old Gen6 I would have to buy the Gen7. Any info you could forward as you tune with the Gen7 will be appreciated. And thats a good point about service I will strongly consider that before I decide.

Lonnie Diers