Did my engine just blow Up??


Full of Hot Air
Jun 17, 2003
OK Looking for some advice here.

Car was running great going down the highway Accelerating 30-55 mph I hear a missfire under hood hit. I let off Hit gas again it sputters and sounds odd.

I slow down pull over open hood all looks ok I shut car off start it up listen under hood and I hear a clunk clunk clunk??? as rpms increase so does clunking. Not wanting to get stuck I very gently head 2 miles to get home. I park car while still running I now see smoke coming from both tailpipes smells of oil badly.

I check oil level it is clean and new. I check radiator it is clean and a little low but no signs of a bad head gasket. car starts right up everytime I don't know if I lost power I am afraid to hit gas pedal. Plenty of boost on gauge?

Did I throw a rod?? blow a ring? spin bearing? I never broke anything major like this before? I plan to take out plugs tomorrow to check.

Thanks for any help
i had that happen 2years ago.i blew the turbo up,you might have bad bearings in yours. check for play in it.
pull the serp belt and yank on your crankshaft...if it moves, you have found the problem......
It doesn't sound like the turbo if its goes up with RPM's at Idle, or you should be able to at least rule out the turbo by identifying where the noise is coming from. I'd just pull the oil pan, or at least drain the oil and look at the magnet and go from there.
it is funny the way you mentioned it i had the same exact problem 4 months ago and im in the process of a rebuild. what mine was is the timing gear on the cam is coated with plastic teeth and it stripped. it ran a little bit more and got a lot worse. i ended up bending valve, pushrods, and nicking my pistons. im going with a full rebuild right now and it aint cheap. so hear is my suggestion- pull the oil pan because mine was loaded with plastic chunks and the only reason i say go this rought is because it is very fast and simple to do. just drain your oil look at it a little bit then drop the pan. worse comes to worse all you did was buy a new gasket and and oil change.
oh yeah i forgot yours is still running. so it cant be that bad yet but it could have slipped and cause a hell of a timing problem. its where the smoke comes from i bet.
More information on problem

I am uploading some pictures of the turbo fins to my Website:

Turbo Pictures

The turbo itself seems fine it spins freely with ease no forward or back movement I hope that is normal is it???

Anyhow the real symptoms are when letting it sit overnight starts up not to difficult but not as easy as it was. when cold no to little smoke the clunking noise seems from front of engine. I reved engine clunking seems worse as engine warms .

At idle smoke is very little and barely noticeable noise I am sure car will drive fine but smoke like nuts. After 5 minutes of running it started to smell worse so I shut her down pulled throttle body off and took some pictures.

Is it possible that water pump is bad??? making the noise It is the original to the car I can change that easy. But what is making smoke?? turbo overheahing because of lack of cooling??

No i didn't do compression test yet haven't gotten to my fathers to get tool yet

any help will be appreciated
Thanks ,

Did you take the pan off yet to make sure you are not circulating pieces of metal in your motor?