Disappointed kill


Apr 21, 2015
Raced a 4th gen Camaro with a 383 stroker from a 40mph roll.I had a fender on him until we both let off about the same time,I have a built motor with a lot of go fast goodies and I should have walked him easily but a kill is a kill I guess....
The golf score card doesn't say how you got the score. It only says that you got the score. :)
Congrats on a worthy kill.

Mike B.
Yea I am thinking everyone thinks there car should be crazy fast after dropping some major coin on performance parts you see other ppl that have less stuff then you but some how are going faster . That’s where finding someone who knows these cars pays off . I’ve seen to many ppl with 9 second parts going low 11 and woundering why there not faster . They bought the nice headers and big throttle body but somehow going slower lol
You would have killed him from a dead stop. That's the way these cars roll