DIY ATR crossover gaskets


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For those of us that are running ATR headers we have come to know that getting the crossover to seal at the V-band clamp is next to impossible using an over the counter gasket. Lots of suggestions have been offered by many folks, vendors sell them. But lets just cut to the chase THEY DONT FIT. and they LEAK.
So if you are handy you can make your own gaskets and once again enjoy the honor and privilege ;) of running these high quality headers.
I bought from Summit: Percy's part no. 68006 10 x 10 Cut your own XX carbon material gasket.
This material has a working flame temp resistance of 2000* F
(read here about XX carbon-- Percy's High Performance )
When I received this stuff it was not what I expected it was soft and fuzzy :confused: like a kids teddy bear, but inside is a metal core.
The instructions suggest using tin snips and a drill to make your gasket but with the nature of the design we need for the ATR crossover I didn't think that would be to easy.
I had a 2 1/8 Bi Metal hole saw and it turned out to be the perfect size for the crossover flange. If you use this method run the drill backwards; because if you go forward the fuzzy material and metal core will grab and will bite the entire gasket sheet.(ask me how I know) And have some scrap wood to work on top of so the hole saw bit can go through and help keep you centered.
Then tin snip to trim to size you can leave some excess the v band clamp will work around it just don't leave and excessive amount.


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I have some ss rings from rjc for my atr cross over but i have not had to use them as the cross over sealed great. But look at rjc he makes them just for the ats cross over .$17 bucks
As a suggestion: Sandwich the gasket material between two pieces of 3/4 particle board and screw them together using drywall screws.

Then use your hole saws and cut through the top layer.

I make copper gasket this way and it works great, should work on this stuff too.