Do the BIG turbos make a loud whistle sound?


Boost is good.
Jul 14, 2001
So far I have had a stock turbo and a TE-44 turbo. The stocker had a high-pitched whine at spoolup, the 44 had a loud SHHHHH...I'm going to upgrade to a PT61 turbo and was wondering how that turbo will sound and how do the larger turbos sound? I run an ATR 3" downpipe and dump pipe with 2.5" Hooker exhaust/aerochamber mufflers
i would think the 61 would be louder. i stepped up to a ta 60 and a frint mount and it sounds awsome.:D
Mine sounds NICE - louder than the damn engine - but then again, theres no mufflers or other stuff to mute it ;)

You'd be surprised what just a cold-air setup will do for the sound of your turbo. I just pulled the stock airbox and put a 3" with K&N cone behind/below the headlights and boy does it make the stock turbo loud. :D
yeah i know about the cold air setup...i use mark heuffman's big mouth cold air kit and it sounds like a 747 taking off under boost:D that was with my TE44 turbo...can't imagine something bigger like a PT61
Honestly,. through the intake, the TE62 is the loudest I've ever run part throttle or WOT. I've had stock, TA49, TA64, TE60-1, and a T-76BB (dad's car) and the 62 was the loudest by far.
i've never had anything other than a stocker and a TE-44 and the stocker sounded like it had a really high pitched windup with a 3" DP...the TE-44 like i mentioned sounds like a 747 taking off...
My 44 is louder than the 62 that I was running for a while. I would think that smaller ones are ouder due to the fact that they have to spin faster than a larger one at similar boost levels. That's just my reasoning for the difference, obviously could be very wrong.
Some of it has to do weather you're talking about whistle through the intake or exhaust. If we're talking about the exhaust then my 49 was louder. Intake, 62 was louder.