Dodge Charger Cop Car


I like that MSP crusier. It most likely won't look like that with the hood scoop and all but it would be a really cool Trooper vehicle. Can't wait to see them. Some of my friends in the State tell me that each barrack is suppose to get one each to start off with.
Just make sure they get the hemi. The new Charger cop cars have been posted on all of the police and cop car boards for quite awhile now and Daimler Chrysler expects most of the city fleets to be equipped with the V-6. Something about how there is a huge price difference of the hemi when compared to the old stand by Crown Vics.

I dont care what brand it is. Seems to me whenever Detroit comes out with a fast cop car every LEO becomes a motorhead overnight. Did you ever get pulled over and got off with a warning and you think the only reason was because the cop mentioned he liked your ride hoping to get the same compliment back? I used to get warnings all of the time when they were driving LT1 Caprices. I never got a break with a Ford CV or even the old Diplomats. I have yet to be pulled over by a Camaro and I dont plan to push my luck either!