Does a girdle prevent cap walking


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I noticed on my most recent breakdown, that my caps were walking. This was with a new line bore and two 'billet' center caps, on 11.20 to 11.40 runs @120mph+/-. 109 stock cubes with a 63 wheel and old 42lbers @ 26lbs of boost

I did have a few runs with some detonation, which I am sure is part of the reason the caps walked.

So the girdle comes to mind. I certainly beleive a girdle helps with any crank flex, but does it also help prevent, or at least raise the threshold, for any caps from walking. BTW, I fixed my detonation issues as I now have proper fueling with 60s and can pull darn near 30 lbs w/o detonation.

Would a girdle help prevent the mains from walking?

Thanks for the comments.
If you detonate they will walk. 6 bolt mains with billet caps would help in certain applications above stock blocks. Correct your detonation problems or you will start bending rods and blowing out cylinder walls regardless of walking caps.
The girdle is the best thing you can do for the strength of your block. Along the thought of the previous post, the girdle strengthens your block and exposes the next weak link. Your detonation must be corrected or the rods will be next on the hit list.

Hope this helps you.