Does anyone know lindalikesgns


I paypaled this guy $300.00 6-28-2007 for a set of wheels he had posted.Wheels never came and he has not replyed to my last 3 pms.I pmed jessie twice with no reply either.
They havent logged in in 11 days. I'd probably get on filing a Paypal dispute if I were you.
did you try their regular email addy? You should be able to get some info through paypal. Where does this turkey live? Maybe someone on here is close to them. Hope they didn't hose ya.
Their IP traces back to Rhode Island

Only like 5 people live in Rhode Island.. they should be easy to find.
Near as I can tell, LindalikesGNs is another member's alias on this board, along with another alias. One member, 3 screen names.

The other username also has for sale items that go right back to the same IP address.

I've sent a PM asking for an explanation as to why business is being conducted here under 3 different usernames, guess Ill wait and see if I get an explanation.