TURBOTERRORV6 from the Houston area??


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Jun 30, 2005
Reaching out to the community for some help. I sold a set of wires to this guy
May 26 Shipped
June 5 received & said he would send pay when his pay cleared
June 10 Said he would send payment that weekend
Have not heard anything and no payment yet He was last on the board June 16th. Now when this happens I always worry something has happened to the individual or a family matter. Does anyone know this guy or had any dealings? I hope all is well and just a misunderstanding.

Thanks for any help.
Appears that's where his IP shows him being...
Decimal: 1657007000

Hostname: c-98-195-235-152.hsd1.tx.comcast.net

ASN: 7922

ISP: Comcast Cable Communications LLC

Services: None detected

Assignment: Likely Dynamic IP

Country: United States

State/Region: Texas

City: Houston
I am still hoping nothing has happened to him or his family and this will all work out.
Well just as I thought life gets in the way and things happen that come first and this is what happened. He reached out to me ,offered to pay for my inconvenience (not needed) and payment was received. Thanks and keep hope and trust in people......... its all we have in the crazy world. There are good people and many I have met here.

Thanks for the help.