Door seal comparison between GM NOS & Fairchilds seals from GBody


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Nov 13, 2003
Here is some pictures of GBodys Fairchild door seal and a GM NOS door seal. Over all the fairchild seals are pretty close too the the original ones, The main difference is the form around where the glass goes. They feel pretty good, not as stiff as the NOS ones but seem to feel good even without the plastic piece inside the ends. I have used a set on a customes car and they fit nice, they did catch alittle around the window when it went up and down but i think that will wear in some after time. I've tried the soft seals and i was not impressed with the fit at all and they felt like a sponge. The NOS seal is on the left and the fairchild seal is on the right in the picture.
For the price difference i wouldn't hesitate to use them on my own car. This is just the door seal and not the pillar seal. Hope this helps out, because sooner then later we won't be able to buy the GM seals anymore. $350.00 for NOS or $150.00 for Fairchilds.


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