Dream Project Car: Build It!


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Apr 30, 2003
If you could build any car of your choice with any modifications..what would it be and what would you do to it? Multiple builds are allowed. Please no flaming!

1987 Buick Grand National 17" American Torque Thrust II, Double 5% window tint, lowered a little, electric cut off dual exhaust, Built up mildly engine wise, Black Leather seats, rear seats removed and replaced with Nitrous/Propain Injection setup, drag radials, Got Boost? third brake light, sequential turn signals, tinted brake lights, black headlight covers.

1994 Probe GT 19" Mille Miglia Evo5s, 5% window tint, Repainted Wild Orchid paint w/ a metallic pinkish strip along the bottom, custom subwoofer install (2 12"s), RX7 or Lancer hood scoop installed, air cylinders, engine bolt ons, shaved door handles and rear wiper, every imperfection fixed.
hopes and dreams

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87 Buick Grand National - Tube Chassis, Leather seats all around, Those 2 piece wheels with black inside with chrome outside (the big/skinny look), lowered an inch or so, S2 AL block and heads, liquid intercooler, twin turbo's so big that they would suck womens clothes off while passing, dual nozzle ALK injection, GNX cluster, TRUE dual exhaust that exited in front of the front wheels, a system so loud it would blow womens clothes off while inside the car, limo tints all around, brake light TRY ME, license plate bracket I GET BLOWN AND DRUNK ALK.


SEMI-CAB - What would chicks do with a big truck with a full size bed in back
Well, these are "pie in the sky" mods, but with enough money....................

Number 1.
1965 Imperial LeBaron, bone stock looking. Low boost(7-8psi) fuel injected 440 stroker (540-560 ci), 600+ HP at under 5000 RPM. Smooth idle and quiet. Bulletproof 727 with aftermarket overdrive. Rear axle that would allow 80mph crusing at 2000RPM.
Brakes of the caliber to allow 60-0 in under 120 ft. Suspension mods(or a total rework) to give the roadability of a modern big bucks performance sedan. Body and frame mods to improve structural solidness, and the fit and finish of a Rolls Royce. It would do an easy low 12 second quarter at 115+, cruise at 140 on the autobahn, and be able to stop when asked.

Number 2.
1955-56 Graber bodied Alvis. Bone stock looking. Stout (350+ HP)fuel injected Chrysler small block. 5 sp manual. Left hand drive conversion.

Number 3.
1968-70 Mercedes 220D. Yup, a diesel. But, a full mechanical conversion using the late model 500SL AMG parts. Of course, it would look bone stock.

Number 4.
How about a 14 second Citroen 2CV?

Number 5
This one would actually be fairly easy and cheap to do, but it still would be cool. An early 60s Checker cab. Yellow and dented, but with a 450+ HP big block under the hood.

I can think of about 500 more, but that would take quite a long time to type.
I've been thinking about this car for years.

1977 'Vette
gray/silver down the hood over the top and on the decklid, red 1" stripe going all around the car on the body line, black below that.

406 SBC, Holley steath ram if I can get it under the hood, Accel superram if I can't...fully forged shortblock, dart pro1 heads with 215cc runners and 2.05 valves.

Twin turbo!!!!

T56 with hardened gears and synchros, beefed up rear suspension (don't what to do to beef up an independent rear)

Huge brakes, don't know the wheel and tire combo.

And as quite as I can get it, all I want to hear is the whistle and a slight rumble.

It'll go low 12's-high 11's and kick a porsche's ass on the highway.
(crack) Pipe Dream...

My 1987 Monte Carlo SS on a tubular frame, with a TT 540 BBC under a flat hood, hard top conversion, 10-pt cage, repainted in Dark Metallic Blue, IRS, 13"+ disks on all four corners, while sitting on 18s.

The car would perform as follows:
1/4 mile: high-10s @ 140+mph (domestic Supra)
Could run in the unlimited class at the Silver State Classic
And would trip the beams at Bonneville @ 200mph to get me that t-shirt. ;)

An 85-90 Trans Am with a Ramjet 502, supercharged at about 10PSI. Backed up with a modified T-56 with all the goodies(light weight flywheel, hardened gears, etc etc). A 3.42 gear in an IRS swapped from a Corvette. All Tubular suspension mods w/ sumbframes and Strut Tower braces.

Say we could get about 700 HP out of it and run low 11's mid 10's.

I would want it painted Bright White with One blue stripe running down the center. With Blue carpet and White leather.

Set it low to the ground on 18's with fat rubber all around.

Then It would need 2 12" subs, about 1000Watts of amp power with components in the Kick panels, 61/2" in the doors.

Nothing like a Ferrari Killer you can drive everyday(if you can afford the gas)
Since I was in highschool I've had ideas of a slammed 57 chevy wagon convertible. Would be an awesome summertime party vehicle :p
1993 RX7 with T/A AL. block, 3.625 billet crank. rods yada yada etc. Tranny would either be a 5 speed lenco/liberty or a powerglide with a gear vendors o/d on the tail. Dana 44 IRS, 17x8 upfront and 17x11 out back with 255's up front and 335's outback. BBT88 turbo with a 50 shot of nitrous to get it moving.

A 1992 B4C Camaro with a Aluminum ZL1 427 with a pair of t66's on each side with a 12 bolt out back running through a glide with OD overpowering the 335's out back on 17x11 ZR1 rims. Midnight black with silver rims and the largest front mount fiited in the modified opening for the foglights.

OH! And don't forgtet your fuzzy dice and curb feelers ;)
I would look pretty damn cool in a twin turbo 67 Nova chassis car.

Well, OK, I would still be ugly, but the car would be sweet. :D
A hybrid (2.0) VW Rabbit (GTI) would be cool to me i think. Lowered with soem deep wheels, set up for auto-x, tinted windows, dark blue paint, a screaming exhaust, and some nice Sparco Torinos :confused: <-- didn't go into deep detail of the car
Black 87 limited T w/ chrome trim and w/ tan or grey leather bench interior, landau top to match interior, digital dash,
either a built 4.1 or a TA motor :)cool: )
big ass turbo, PTE front mout, stock T wheels up front, 8.5 T look alike wheels out back w/ some drag radials. oh yeah and who could forget alky injection ;)

the ultimate 10 sec street beast :D

im basicly building it right now, except it runs 12's not 10s, and its not black limited, its silver. close enough!!


oh yeah and the PTE front mount is installed, this pic was when the car was almost 100% stock.
My 1952 Chevy Deluxe with 41xxx ORIGINAL miles... Just not sure what to do for engine! (I've got a 327 with camel humps and a glide - both have 80xxx original.) Now, if somebody could get me some time!!!
I am building 2 of them.A 4.1 GN conversion into a chevy luv,and a 4.5L TA perf. motor with billet internals in my Gn.Those are my dream cars for now.