drizzle after pump shut off


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Jan 15, 2003
I'm testing my system and I find that after the power is cut to the pump, the water still continue to flow out for a few seconds at much lower pressure. The pressure continue to drop to zero and gives a kind of rough droplet at the end

Is this a concern because the alcohol could drip to my intercooler pooling there?

I have a check valve there but its cracking pressure is only 1 PSI and only meant for gravity issues.

How to solve this beside using a solenoid?
Not a problem cuase of air rushing past the nozzle at part throttle non boost.

Your worried about a little droplet, and not worried about running that pump bypassed ;)

You will have more than a droplet when you lift the throttle..and you spray against a closed throttle blade for a split second..

Its a non-issue.


I have only used water before though, now with alchohol i know these droplet will slide directly down via the pipe to my intercooler endtank. I wonder if it would evaporate before any errosion happens?
Alcohol flashes..pour some on your hand and see how long it stays there ..especially if you blow on it..

Not an issue :)