Oct 20, 2007
so i posted a thread earlier this month in the members ride section ,asking if anybody had drove their gn to their wedding and if they did to post pics . i got a couple responds with good pics....so last saturday i got married and i drove the gn to the wedding, the people that now me well were telling me i was crazy ,they said how you going to drive a black car to your wedding but they understood since they no ive always been into cars especially gns....heres a couple of pics my friend took will post the profesional ones that were taken when i get them......the first 3 are before and the last one is with my wife...i didnt take before pics with my wife becuase in mexican tradition i couldnt see her the day of the wedding until she walked down the isle.wich i literally almost passed out from a anxiety attack lol..enjoy




That's just not for Cali only, anti thief devices should be used everywhere.

These cars are not just fast on the track only, they can also vanish just as quick!

Nice pics, Good luck.
Congrats man! I wish I could have drove my GN at my wedding but it was on jackstands as usual!!!:eek:
87chriss i sold my gold one to a opd officer he ended painting it black..this one was my friends my we4 trans went out. so its just sitting...this wedding and maui got me scraping everycorner looking for coins for my trans rebuild lol
@youlike that thanks wife was cool about the whole thing me driving the car and taking pics with her after the wedding ...i no some guys on here cant even get their wife to get in to their cars becuase they hate it them lol....she loves gns too
During my wedding, my car was tucked away in storage with every anti theft feature I could muster and both sets of keys in my pocket. I did NOT want that thing showing up on my wedding day and getting "decorated". They got my pickup instead. (and they ruined the plastic headlights on it, my buddy still has the truck and the headlights are still stained).

Sweet pics though! You got better friends than me if they didn't touch it.
Congratulations, nice car and beautiful bride. Take care of both of them.
I took my GN to my wedding in 04, but I don't have pics on my computer. That was only the 2nd time I got caught in the rain with it. For our honeymoon, we went to Nashville, TN for a couple of days, then finished up at the GS Nats in Bowling Green (Her idea, honest!).

Congrats on your wedding. I agree with JimP. Beautiful car and wife.
Congrats!!!!........In 1993 I got married and we had four Grand Nationals , one WE4 and a GNX as our head car. The WE4 died at the park and I have a pic somewhere I will post........was pretty cool. I sent it to Car Craft and they printed it with a little article and Dennis Kirban put the photo in one of his books too.