DRW Transmissions


Well, I'm sure some of you are wondering what sparked my comment about Don's Stage motor in the Turbo Lounge, so here's some of history on that.

Last June, when my redone motor was just finished, I decided to get my trans rebuilt.

Everyone was raving about DRW and even though it was a 4 hour round trip ride, I figured he was worth the time and the money to take it too, since everyone was happy with his work.

I brought it to him out of the car, and had him do it as a bench job. He did his basic peformance rebuild, and added some goodies. I also paid extra for them to "dyno it" which consisted of installing it in Neal Stewards Stage II car and drive it around.

I picked it up and threw in my car, and it worked great, untill about 3 months ago.

I raced it the previous evening and everything as well. The next morning I backout of my driveway and suddenly lost 2nd gear. I called don up and they said to bring it by. This time I figured it would be better to bring the whole car down, so I had to borrow a friend's truck and rent a car trailer to tow it down there.

Since I didn't bring the whole car down there, I was charged an extra $250 for R&R. Which I thought wasn't very fair, even if I paid the extra money for a "dyno" test, which seemed like basically the same thing. I figured I was between a rock and a hard place so I paid the money. While it was out, I purchased a new Art Carr 9 inch N/L converter. About a week passed by, which turned into two weeks, and they called me back saying that I needed new U Joints. I figured while it was out, just let them do what they needed to do, and be done with it. So I approved that. About a week later, they called me again, saying they couldn't get it to give them the Line pressures they wanted. They said a TV boost valve and shift kit would needed to be installed. I said "Why didn't you install one at the time of rebuild?" They're reply was "Well, we figured the one you had in there would work" ( and it did, for several months ). I thought I didn't have much option, so that was another $150 spent.

I got the car back, and everything seemed ok. So I took it to another BGNRA event and was greeted with a transmission that wouldn't shift into 3rd @ WOT. Luckily for me, Don was at the same event racing his own car. I asked him what gives, and he had one of his techs look at it. They tried to "flush the TV valve" by powerbraking it, and asked me to try again. And again it wouldn't shift. So they asked me to bring it by.

I drove it down this time, and let them work on it. They had it for about a week, and I picked it up. According to them it shifted @ 5200 RPM exactly. I drove it around, and noticed that the 1-2 shift happened way too quickly, but it shifted nonetheless.

About two weeks ago, Neal was testing out my car and the car wouldn't shift into 2nd once again, and didn't do it again, he also noticed some grinding coming from the trans when in Manual 1st or 2nd. :rolleyes:

I took it home, and it started not to go into 2nd @ WOT much more often. This coupled with the other problems, I was at a loss. I just wanted to sell my car and be done with it.

So I called up DRW, and spoke to Tony, and he said he'd have Don call me back, which was fine. But he never did call me back, but had Tony give me a msg of "bring it on down". While I was on the phone, I asked him if I was going to be charged again, and he said that more than likely I would, and I was outraged. The "warranty" I had was about 3 weeks expired, if that. I couldn't imagine they would charge me again. I figured I'd move on.

And that brings me to the comment I made in the TLounge, and that was just based on all of the hassle I've had. Now I'm searching for a new trans guy, if thats even possible. I rather not drive the 8 hours up to Bruces shop and pay all over again. I might sit this one out for awhile.

"hate to hear about the prob bro'"

whats up Dave, still having that same problem from the BGRNA meet we had up in Palmdale???? I've had my DRW trans in my car for about 2yrs now and no problem yet!!! Knock on wood!! Don't give up on the car just yet!!!! Try and talk to Don again and see what happens!! If not, then probably have to make the trek to Sacramento bro'...... Sorry to hear about the mishap

:confused: I'm confused. Tony told me you had problems, so I told him to call you and tell you to just bring the car by so I could see if there was something I could do. I didn't know that it was imparative that I be the one to call. You did talk to me personally a few weeks back and I told you then, to bring the car by. Now this post. I think I get it. Your trying to get on my good side so that I'll be more sympathetic to your dilema and cut you a break, aren't you? Well, I have to say it's not working very well. Tony did mention to me that you did make an appointment to bring the car by and obviously you decided not too, because you didn't show. Can't help you if you don't bring the car by. Note to the forum: As a vendor I would like to say that making a post in this fashion is not the way to get a vendor to give you a break. Other vendors that see this kind of post are also not going to trip over themselves to help a person that can easily turn their back on you and bad mouth you. Believe me, the word does spread, even between vendors. Now as a racer I would like to let you all know that I recently blew two rods out of my motor. Not a good thing. But, I do understand that if your going to play with your machine hard, there is a good chance something is going to bust. I'm not going to blame anyone but myself for that. I could blame my engine management system, I could blame the people that prepared my rods, I'm sure I could find someone to blame pretty easily. But when it comes down to it, metal parts don't last forever. I don't care who touches them. When I rebuild a trans for someone I depend on them to come back in a TIMELY fashion if there is a problem. I bend over backwards to help people every day. If the customer would rather not bring the problem up to me and just belly ache about a problem to themselves or to others behind my back, then I wish the best to them and move on. I know in business there are going to be those that you just can't please, especially those that won't give you a fair chance too. I give a fair warranty for my work and take on quite a risk knowing very well that some people are going to try their best to break something. That's racing. Don't think I don't understand that. Every time I go down the quarter it's balls to the wall, finish line or bust. I must make something perfectly clear. I am not in the business of sponsoring anyones RACING program. Mine's expensive enough as it is. If a person doesn't bring their car right back when there's a problem, I can only assume everything is fine. If they do bring it back and I make an adjustment, and I don't hear anything from that person for months, again, I have to assume everything worked fine. I don't have ESP. If anyone knows a trans tech that does, let me know. I want him on my team. I won't do many, if any WOT tests with a customer's car. Number one, I don't know the condition of the car and don't want to break something. Number two, I don't want to get pulled over for it. I depend on the customer to do the testing and report back to me and do it in a timely fashion if a problem exists. If something breaks outside the warranty period then buck up and get it fixed. It's as simple as that. If you can't afford to break things, then the best advise I can give that kind of person is don't abuse your vehicle. Racing's an ultimate high for me, and I'm sure for most others, but it's just going to piss you off everytime you have to fix something. Back to this persons problem. Before I was told of this post, I was thinking just this afternoon of having Tony call Monday to see why he didn't show up. I guess I don't need to do that now. I WAS in the mind to help him out even though he was out of warranty. Oh, well.
What good side? I'm not asking for charity work, I'm just looking have someone stand behind their "reliable" product. Especially when it's touted as so.

Why do you have this crazy rationale that everyone is trying to leech things off of you?

Don't worry about the other vendors, I'm sure they'll be happy to take my money just as you did.

All of this timely fashion nonsense seems to work jim dandy if you're local to your shop. But seeing as I'm about 2 hours in each direction away from you, just leaving my car down there and walking home isn't much of an option.

If you don't make any WOT tests, how did you know that my problem @ WOT was fixed or wasn't fixed. Since that is the specific reason I brought it in there for.

If you were in the mind to help me out of warranty, perhaps you could have expressed that to Tony, since his attitude was basically "you're SOL, and your gunna have to pay"

I figured if I ended up having to pay another dime I rather take it to another trans builder and start from scratch. Not that I'm made of money, but rather I don't want to deal with more problems. It's not a good feeling not knowing whether or not your trans is going to blow up by accelerating onto the freeway.

Oh well, you got your money. :rolleyes:
I'm a reasonable person. Just ask other people that have done business with me. If this is the way you prefer to air your problems rather than give me a call or give me a chance to look at your car, then you do need to find someone else to work on your car. Sorry for your bad luck and I hope things work out for you. I didn't think it was my fault you don't live closer, but I will apologize to you for it anyway. I would suggest you learn some common sense etiquette when you deal with people that are going to work on your car in the future. My belief is this is not the proper way to handle a problem your having with a vendor or anyone else for that matter, and am not going to reply to anymore posts to this thread. If you want to talk to me about this or anything else, please give me a call. That goes to anyone else reading this. I won't bite your head off. I promise. I hope this is a good lesson to all. In love and business it takes two to tango. As the sign says in the office, 'I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone'. That means, if your polite and reasonable with me, I will bend over backwards to do the same for you. If you prefer to be a j**k, I have other people that greatly appreciate my help and I would much rather help those people. Life is truly too short.
BTW, we did do some WOT tests and not just me. Everything was great, then. If you weren't happy with it, why wait so long to say something? I'm sure you've had a chance to do many more WOT runs than we have in over a years time. We don't like to beat the customers car up more than we feel necessary. That's the message I was trying to get accross. I'm sure most people would appreciate that. I wouldn't want some tech beating my car unnecessarily. I wouldn't even want it at all without me present. That's how I feel about it. Beating my car up is my job.
I have a couple questions.

1. To Wutsav8. You have had many probs with this tranny it seems. Did you let DRW know about them as soon as they happened as your 1st post suggests? And how long did the tranny go before its first problem? You only mentioned it started 3 months ago. Did you talk to DRW face to face every time you took your car down to his shop? How did he act? Did he look you in the eye? Was he polite, apologetic for your probs, or was he indifferent?

2. To DRW. What was the extra R+R charge of $250 for?
And im curious about the extra charges when he brought the car back. The u joints and the low line pressure. Wasnt that all stuff you would have checked the first time he was there.
Most important question to you Donald. Would you really have given him a break because he is only 3 weeks out of warranty? Cuz it seems that the point is moot, cause now you say "oh well" to that. Even when you employee told him diiferent.

3. To Bruce. I have called you and emailed you many times. You have even called me back at my house to answer questions. I appreciate that more than you know. Im not sure why you would want to get involved in someone elses problems. You cant really bust on the guy for where he lives though. Even if 2 hours each way is nothing to most people. I would kill to have your shop 2 hours from me.

Anyway, this is not meant to flame anyone involved. I just had some questions because there arent many reliable transmission shops. Eventually i will need another, due to my bad luck. But i am getting very good at changing them. 25 minutes is the fastest so far, thanks to Mike and his dads awesome shop. So good luck Wutsav8, dont give up on your car. Maybe sit down and talk with Don and im sure you two can come up with a solution to this. Im sure neither of you want a bad reputation from this.

I had the trans about 9 months before I guess the band or some clutches let go. They replaced both I think.

After that it was one problem after another.

I only talked to Don once face to face. The rest of the times I went thru his Shop Manager.

All I ever wanted was just a trans that worked as it should. Oh well.
I had a response all typed out and then my intranet went down and I lost all that typing. Anyone that has had that happen can understand the frustration. Well, I'm not going to try and re-type all that again. Then I started to think that going over a situation with a customer on the internet for all to see is not the proper way to do this sort of thing. Anyone who is really that interested in this and has questions, please call me at work during working hours and I'll eagerly answer all your questions. I'm taking this course to save everyone involved embarrassment. I know there are some that would love to see the fur fly and that is one of the reasons this BB doesn't see me post much anymore. I love to share info if I can and I like the fact that I can come here and pick up info, but this sort of thing is just plain ridiculous. My relationship with a customer is a personal thing and needs to be kept that way. It's kind of like a girl fight in high school. You know, everyone starts to gather and gaulk. If you need to watch a fight, tune into the WWF. Again, I'm not trying to ignore anyones questions, just give me a call, then YOU can sit down and type it out for all to see, if that is what you'd like to do.
Since this is already in the public eye, and you've already posted numerous times. I dont see why now you dont want to talk about it where everyone can see. It seems that the only person who you want to save from embarrassment, is yourself. I think you know 99% of people that arent diectly involved in this wont call you. Even if they did, you shouldnt talk to them anyway. Didnt you say "its a personal thing and should be kept that way"?
And if you already had a response typed out once, you should know it pretty well to retype it. But, again, that point is moot, cause no one really knows if you even did have a response. Question: If a customer has been in more than once on a single tranny you built, why would not talk to him face to face? It seems that you would atleast have the courtesy to tell him to his face you are gonna charge him again. I guess it is easier to let your Service Manager do it.

I do agree that some people like to see the fur fly, but thats not what im trying to do. I feel for WUTSAV8. I went through the exact same thing. NOT with Don Wang. I have no ill feelings or wishes towards him or his business. I have heard nothing bad ever about his transmissions or business style. Im trying to help out a fellow TR brother, in a situation i have been in. WUTSA, im sorry for your troubles. But when your Buick is out running good, you will forget about the bad times. I promise. We've all been there. I still feel that you should sit down with him and try to work it out like adults. And Don, i dont think WUTSA has slung any mud to make you look bad, but you arent making yourself look any better.
Scott, if your really that curious about this, give me a call (619) 258-4240 at work during working hours and I'll fill you in on all the juicy details. I will add this. I have a personal policy to myself that if a person elects to bash me on an open forum such as this instead of doing the obvious, courteous thing, then they are irreversibly put on my black list. It is one of my pet peeves that I cannot forgive. I am of the thinking, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I would not even think of bad mouthing someone on a forum like this and when it's done to me, it bothers me deeply. Sorry, that's how I feel. There are plenty of other shops that can help Dave and I wish him well, but he has crossed the line with me.
This isnt funny. Remember how i said i have bad luck with trannys. Well mine went out today. No joke. A pop, some slipping, some burnt ass fluid and a trailer ride home. This sucks, im definitely losing interest in this car. Guess i should have minded my own business, huh?