Dual Fans


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Ok I have a dual fan setup on my GN and I have to turn them on manually, which is good for the track but not so good on the street. So my question is how can I make them turn on at 160* or somewhere around there.

You have two other options that I know of. Have a chip burned specifically for that temp, and harness it to the ecm, or you can put some sort of temp probe in your coolant lines that at a certain degree will activate the fan.

Where did you get the fans, is there a part numer, what did it cost, and does it bolt right up?
Just use your old harness to run them...then the ecm will kick them on. I actually hooked one to the low speed relay and the other to the high speed...that way, when the ac is on, both come on...when the ac is not on, I don't need two anyway.
Ramchargers has a harness that hooks up their dual fan set up to the factory wiring. That is the cheapest dual fan set-up I have found.
It seems that both fans should be on all the time?? Otherwise, unless the fans have there own separate hambers, the one fan that is on would pull all the air through the second fan's opening instead of pulling air through the radiator???:eek:
Is this a problem?
I run the Spals...they are actually two 11 inch fan shrouds fastened together so the two fans are separated. My car never gets hot...some of that is due to the CAS three pass aluminum radiator, tho. But, I used to have problems in traffic with the ac on on hot days...last summer 193 was the hottest it ever got sitting still running the ac on a 100 deg day.

The problem with hooking both fans together can be inital current draw when they kick on. You need a stout relay to handle that. They don't pull much once up to speed.

No big deal to rewire the existing relays to turn both fans on at the same time, tho. Just trigger the high speed relay with the low speed trigger from the ecm so that both relays are now switched by the ecm...and then hook one fan to the low speed wire and the other one to the high speed wire, and both will come on when the ecm sees the chip temperature and triggers the relays. :)
Steve, could you please explain to me how to rewire the relays,and where they're located? I just installed the Ramchargers dual fan. I connected the two hots and two grounds. Hooked the ground end wire of the stock plug,and the hot to the middle wire. The fan worked, but didn't cycle. The fan works great, just have to get it wired up right. Thanks for your help.