Duttwieler Oiling System



Those who have these or sell them whats your opinion on them and whats the going retail price on them? anyone got some pics to show everyone interested in building a stage motor using a wet sump? From what Ive seen of them they are a pretty Trick piece! has anyone had any problems with one? I see that Tony Dequick sells a pan set up for this system.
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Hi the going price is $300.I also have the Dequick pan for the dutt system.The dutt system is necessary due to most stage 2's are not drilled for oil passages like the factory blocks.
Is this the modified 3800 front cover setup with the crank driven pump? Are there any pix out there of what it looks like?

I think you use a stock front cover and the kit comes with longer pump gears.You use a remote filter and put his block on the end of the pump.The block has the relief valve in it and has one inlet port for a line that goes to a pick up mounted in a modified pan with a external fitting and another thats presure out that runs through the remote filter and into the external oil feed on the block :) I think thats how it works:D There is other ways to do the same thing..
Yep, that's it

That is it, Geno. Dave Schmucker had some pics on his site of the setup but I can't find them right now.
Automotive Machine and Performance in Kentucky has a similar setup. Comes with everything except the front cover including the lines , fittings , and pickup to go in the pan for $500 . I saw it at Morroco . Nice setup. Phone #1-270-729-5556
Thanks guys!

I need a new front cover and was hoping to find one of the modified 3800 gearotor pump "jobs" so as to eliminate the leaking pump cover junk I've got now.

This was a new MM HV front cover that was incorrectly machined (pump body surface was only partially machined) resulting in a leak at the rear of the cover. I had the cover off and on so many times before properly diagnosing the problem, that the threads ended up stripping out on the holes. Heli-coiled them, but the material was too thin and ended up busting the pump body wall out. JB-Weld job didn't hold, so I'm looking for another new cover...
The Dut. oiling system was basically designed to ease the conversion to wet sump with on center blocks, it uses a -12 pickup and discharge, it has a -6 return line off the relief side with an external adjustment. We have used 3 of these on stage engines, doesnt really take much to convert, you have to plug a couple of holes and modify the pump gasket but that is about it.