Dyno day in connecticut


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Jul 3, 2001
Dyno is in manchester, it is a dynojet good for 1200h.p., need at least 8 cars to do it for $80 each 3 pulls maybe 4, air /fuel adjustments can be made from their o2, print out of pulls showing h.p. and torque, if there are less than 8 cars price goes up, if there are more price goes down, can set up for 1st or 2nd sat. in may. tech help will be there to answer ?s and tuning help, race fuel should also be available, whats a good date?? who is in?
Sounds good to me. Eric tried to set one up last year, but it never went through. Let's hope it does this year.
I'm in anything special you have to do to the car to run on it?

Who does the "driving"?
you dont need to do anything special, driver will most likely be their tuner of the turbo cars, they wont run it any harder than you want them to, they are very carefull , you will get some cool down time, they have big fans to help with air flow. their normal price if you walk in off the street and want to make pulls with air fuel adjustments is $150 for 3 pulls so this is great price to make sure you are running at max performance .
Ben i think it can work now with all the interest about local guys wanting to get together this is the perfect chance to do it,even if some guys dont run on dyno they can hang out and meet everyone and also check out where you can get some great work done on just about any car, these guys are also big on supercharging F-bodies and all those mousetangs we beat up on.

my question is i have a regal with a 350 chevy in it can i run that on the dyno as well as my gn?
Dyno Day

The shop has set a date: April 20th, a little sooner than expected but thats good for getting tuned up early,need to know who is going and if you are bringing more than one car. we need at least 8 cars,but would like to see a lot more than that..tech help will be there to answer any ?s and help with tuning,:D
Count me in! April 20th sounds fine. I'll see if I can get my brother in his five-oh also. :D
I'll let ya know by next weekend, got some stuff to sort out before I run it on the dyno. My turbo might be defunct. :(