Dyno day in connecticut

dyno day

Rob, as far as we can tell we have a good car count coming, some to dyno some to show, we will stick with our price of $80,hopefully we can get enough to lower the price but that will be the most. we also will have some parts for sale: there should be at least one twin turbo 8 sec. car coming, a few 9 sec. cars will be there, and some stock cars also, we will have whatever is in our shop at the time available to see, right now there is a super nice 65 GTO fuel injected supercharged car there(not sure if it is going home on fri) a 496 big block vette, 383 small block supercharged camaro, the Manchester Police Drag Team hopefully will have there race car there, than after maybe we can get some cars to go to pike???? hope you can make it, bring your car if you can.. Thanks Steve
dyno day

i will be there and i will bring my beast there is only one pipe left going over the axel the other rotted off kinda loud but sounds cool anyhow see you saturday:D :cool:
if you guys are counting cars i will defintately be there now, so see you all there on saturday, what time is everyone showing up?